Sunday, June 13, 2010

one year celebration

what an AWESOME success our 1 year celebration was!!!!!!  we had a GREAT turn out and found an AMAZING little small-town photo studio that was going out of business... THERE i found a "steal of a deal" on a medium format mamiya RB67.

with this came 5 magazine back, a polaroid back, 3 lens and a case!!!  WOW!!!!  i am really eager to start running film thru this and even have some cool polaroids!!!!

here we were truly off roading to our destination, with our "mini-tramp" in tow.

cows out in west texas - hilarious!!!

we have arrived for the "mini-tramp" deput!!!!

great sky - cool angle - JUMP!!!

the horses there were SUPER friendly.

lunch was AM A Z I N G!!!!  we stopped in at a quaint little place called "sweetie pies" on the square in decatur - great desserts too!!!

here is brian with our NEW iPad!!!  the PERFECT thing for piktrippers to use during lunch to ck out eachothers pix!!!!

the courthouse in downtown decatur - cool building and an A M A Z I N G sky!!!

we even took out a few minutes to have a 'mini-pik forum' - one of the piktrippers was having trouble with her "focus box" and how to make it work for her - so i was demonstrating how to do that and using her sister as a model.  : )

at the end of her day we are doing our 'final' retro mini-tramp JUMPS!!!
once again - A M A Z I N G sky!!!!

great end to a great day!!!!!
happy one year to US!!!!!!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

we do weddings.

mr & mrs andrew englishbee - may 29, 2010 in newark texas.

krystle and andrew have been long time personal friends of mine and definately fans of pik tripper - we photographed their engagement, bridal and wedding ... and to see THIS journey of LOVE has been a real treat - NOTHING is more cool to be a part of than "love"!

i'm posting a few of my fav pix from their A M A Z I N G day.

and THIS is andrew!!!!!!!

just a "taste" of their personalities...

we had a BLAST!!!!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

cake-a-palooza : piktripper GIVES BACK

a dream come true for me happened the day betsy caswell contacted me and said "hey, i LOVE what the pik trippers are doing!!!!  would you guys like to come to an event the youth at milestone church are having and do what y'all do best?"  i was THRILLED to have the opportunity to "give back".  so here are some cool pix we took while we were there.

a HUGE thank you to besty caswell (above) for asking us to do a photo essay of the elevate youth ministry event!!!!!  and an even BIGGER thank you to erica payne, brian dougher and anna campbell for helping me when i needed them MOST.  ; )

Sunday, May 9, 2010

pik tripper GIVES BACK.

on may 1st, artspeak images attended tea for joy in lewisville texas for a time of "giving back".  tea for joy was a benefit event for spina bifida.  we celebrated the legacy of joy lynn michelle carter.  we set up a backdrop and had families come and get pictures taken for keepsakes from this years event.  here are a few of the pix we took and the neat people we met.

on may 21, some piktrippers will be attending cakeapolooza at milestone church.  this will be a fun time of taking pictures at an event where they will be doing cake decorating, hearing an encouraging word and enjoying cupcakes afterwards.  i was VERY excited when i received the call about having the piktrippers document this event.

i think it's ALWAYS a good idea to step outside ourselves and giveback.

follow us as we follow our passions!!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

to be very obvious

we were once described as "sticking out like a sore thumb" - so i decided to look that up in the dictionary.  the definition i got was "to be very obvious".  after a moments thought - i said to myself...that describes us PERFECTLY!!!!!!!

this june is our one year anniversary - we are all about connecting with people.  here are just a few pix that say it ALL!!!!

would LOVE to have you join us for our summer activities!
follow us (on facebook) as we follow our passions!!!

anna polikarpova, fellow piktripper from russia, is the one who said..."i could find you all ANY WHERE, because you stick out like a sore thumb."  ; )