Thursday, October 15, 2009

October Pik Tripper - Deep Ellum

For our "October Pik Tripper", we visited Deep Ellum in Dallas, TX.  What a GREAT urban setting!  Vacant buildings, graffiti'd walls, shabby diners, reminiscent of a community that was...  There is no shortage of unique people in Deep Ellum.  They all have a story.

In attendance were THE Tammy Brooks and Erica Payne, along with Pete Lacker, Tanja Peterhans Flynn, Katie Davidson, JR Barbee, Robin Weerts, Nikki "Keeks" Martin, Michael Cortez and his trusty Sidekick.

To see a full list of photos, follow the link below.  But you must be a Facebook user to view them.  If you are not a Facebook user, here are a few photos...

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