Sunday, June 13, 2010

one year celebration

what an AWESOME success our 1 year celebration was!!!!!!  we had a GREAT turn out and found an AMAZING little small-town photo studio that was going out of business... THERE i found a "steal of a deal" on a medium format mamiya RB67.

with this came 5 magazine back, a polaroid back, 3 lens and a case!!!  WOW!!!!  i am really eager to start running film thru this and even have some cool polaroids!!!!

here we were truly off roading to our destination, with our "mini-tramp" in tow.

cows out in west texas - hilarious!!!

we have arrived for the "mini-tramp" deput!!!!

great sky - cool angle - JUMP!!!

the horses there were SUPER friendly.

lunch was AM A Z I N G!!!!  we stopped in at a quaint little place called "sweetie pies" on the square in decatur - great desserts too!!!

here is brian with our NEW iPad!!!  the PERFECT thing for piktrippers to use during lunch to ck out eachothers pix!!!!

the courthouse in downtown decatur - cool building and an A M A Z I N G sky!!!

we even took out a few minutes to have a 'mini-pik forum' - one of the piktrippers was having trouble with her "focus box" and how to make it work for her - so i was demonstrating how to do that and using her sister as a model.  : )

at the end of her day we are doing our 'final' retro mini-tramp JUMPS!!!
once again - A M A Z I N G sky!!!!

great end to a great day!!!!!
happy one year to US!!!!!!!


Thorngren said...

So great! Thanks for sharing!Congrats on your fab 1 year and here's to many more!!!

wovedog said...

wow - what a great day! I am enjoying re-living it here in blog-land!!

HELEEEN said...

I love your blog. :) nice! Please comment and follow! :) Thank you!