Thursday, February 18, 2010

all about connecting

february was all about connecting with people as we traveled EAST.

we saw sights, sounds and colors that INSPIRED us all.

NEXT month is weatherford texas - follow US as we follow our passions!!!

as you can see, DARLENE was thrilled to see us when we arrived at the EZ mart where she worked.

photo by erica payne.

colors of east texas!!!

photo by erica payne.

THIS shot is just brilliant!!!!

photo by brian dougher.

erica payne is AMAZING and her talent is "off the charts" as she documents her life!!!

brian dougher is an AMAZING photographer that has the God-given talent of capturing moments that preserve the "details' of life that enable you to feel as if you were there....
as you can see here, he captured a delightful picture of his BEAUTIFUL bride.

erica payne is making EAST TEXAS beautiful.

photo by brian dougher.

as we stopped for coffee, brian dougher went into his 'usual mode' and documented the BEAUTIFUL details that can so easily be over-looked.

life as brian dougher sees it - of course this is me...IN THE ZONE.

once again, brian dougher, saw a moment,  captured it, and gave us a FOREVER hilarious memory...we were collaborating with 3:17 video productions to make a video
about the adventures of piktrippers.  the theme this month was "where is michael cortez?"  so we spent countless times driving off leaving him behind.

fun was had by all.

randi dougher, thru the eyes of erica payne.  erica was able to INSTANTLY portray randi's beauty, even though we dont see all her face - AMAZING talent, erica!!!

AGAIN, brian dougher seized an intimate moment between anna polikarpova & sal ayala - and he NEVER had the leave the back seat.  ; )

UBER COOL shot of michael cortez and the "mothership" we saw in east texas - brian dougher capturing the 'curious michael cortez'.

i was inspired by richard avedon's series "in the american west" - so i called my series "in the american east"

moment captured by brian dougher.

MY inspiration from richard avedon.

in this photograph is theresa davidson of 3:17 video productions.


erica payne has truly, tastefully & artfully captured
the essence of "what we saw when we drove east"!!!

follow us as we follow our passions : create. connect. INSPIRED.

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Thorngren said...

Love the mothership! Was wondering if anybody knows the history? Maybe it really is a flying saucer!