Sunday, February 28, 2010

nikon forum group

nikon forum group

february 27, 2010 kicked off our nikon forum group and what a great success it was!!!!
this evening brought clarity and encouragement to everyone who attended. 

for those who had JUST purchased their nikon D40's, we opened the box and started from there, and ended up having a working knowledge of how to navagate around all the functions of their new camera - JUST in time for the march piktripper adventure in weatherford texas [march 6].

for the D100 owners - we tackled some tough questions about the inner workings of mastering this wonderful camera for the perfect image, as seen in our hearts and minds.  we solved the "EFF" dilemma that was throwing a wrench in 'all things creative' and "unlocked" the 'focus selector' to take charge of mastering the kind of pictures WE want.  ; ) 

the evening was VERY timely for those who attended!!!  there are passions and dreams for those people who came and NOW they are one step closer to acheiving their photography goals!!!

keep watching for MORE details about upcoming nikon forum group gatherings.

create. connect. inspire.

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