Thursday, March 11, 2010

biggest group so far.

march pik tripper has been our biggest group so far!!!!
17 VERY talented people arrived in weatherford texas on march 6, 2010.

our initial group shot before lunch.

we enjoyed a GREAT lunch at the downtown cafe in the heart of weatherford.

pik tripper was established in june of 2009, with only 4 people, and has grown in size everytime we meet.  our creative group is all about PEOPLE...exchanging ideas : gaining knowledge.

here is how our creative group saw weatherford texas that day in march.

theresa davidson of 3:17 video productions.

anna polikarpova (from russia) who found us in october of 2009 when we were in deep ellum and has attended EVERY time since then.

 vickie bullock took this with her new nikon D40 - great job!!!

 anna polikarpova saw THIS in weatherford - hhhmmm.

 i took this with my NEW 70-200mm lens of carson ingle - a local actor/friend of piktripper.we call him "cool pik".

 another picture i took with my 70-200mm - we call tanja peterhans (from switzerland) "chaplin pik"...

beautiful architectual shot.

cool shot of the downtown courthouse.

another cool shot of deborah diershaw collecting railroad nails.

brian dougher took THIS cool shot at a friendly bakeshop that invited us in!!!

this is katie davidson and we call her "jr pik" because she 'used to be' the youngest piktripper - she prefers we call her "sweet pik". 

ANOTHER cool pic from anna polikarpova - LOVE how she sees america!!!

this is our YOUNGEST piktripper - micah - he is 8 years old.
he had a BLAST!!!!  he prefers we call him "smart pik".

we liked this stool SO MUCH the guy let us have it...
photo of randi dougher by brian dougher.

anna & sal - drove in from dallas to see weatherford...WOW!!!

and this is me - i AM piktripper!!!!

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